To create auto file exports for SSRS reports through subscriptions

Friday, May 15th, 2015 | Technical | Mike Smith

This guide assumes the following:

You have knowledge of SSRS and reports management

You have the appropriate access

You have already created and tested your report(s)

You have created and tested a UNC path for the reports to save to

You have an SQL account with adequate permissions to the databases needed

You have a domain account with adequate permissions to the share


Step 1:  Create a folder in your SSRS instance and title it something like “Subscribed Reports”


Step 2:  Create a copy of your report(s) and place them in the folder you created above.  This is suggested as for the subscription to work, all variables have to have defaults, which may or may not work for your reports, thus I create a copy of them.


Step 3: For the report(s) you copied above to the new location, update the reports parameters were applicable with default values. This is REQUIRED for it to work, so set them either through the RDL report for the most flexibility in options (especially with date math.


Step 4: From the pulldown for the report in SSRS, select “manage” and go to the “data sources” section.  Here we need to set a custom data source. Enter the following information

Data Source Type

Connection String

Connect Using:

Credentials Stored securely in the report server (use the SQL account you created)


SSRS Auto 1


Step 5: Select the “Subscriptions” tab now and click “new subscription”.  Fill in the sections based on the data relevant to your firm that is highlighted below.


SSRS Auto 2


Step 6: Save the subscription.


You should now have a file in the share at the specified times.  Try to stage reports every 5 minutes to allow the server to process.  In the “subscription” section of the report management, you will also find the last status of the report run, and be able to troubleshoot as needed.

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