Prolaw custom tab/field bug in all versions

Thursday, July 9th, 2015 | ProLaw Case Management | Mike Smith

In all versions (currently) there is a bug regarding custom tab field names.  The issue will happen when you have fields with the first 14 characters the same after a count of 5. Consider the following example:

“Promissory Note Data – Date”

“Promissory Note Data – Notary”

“Promissory Note Data – Value Numeric”

“Promissory Note Data – Value Written”

“Promissory Note Data – Due”

These fields all have the same first 14 characters (omitting spaces, underscores, and dashes).  That means the that 6th field will cause the tab to be in error.  While the application supports up to 5 having the same 14, its would be better to avoid this problem by simply using more distinct field names.

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