Linking folders in Outlook with FileSite using Email Management

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 | iManage/ FileSite, Microsoft Office 2010 | Mike Smith

 You have the ability to link folders within Outlook to FileSite filing folders if you have the Email Management Module purchased and installed.   This means that if you have a folder in your mailbox, and you move a message from your inbox to that folder, it can be setup to auto profile everything moved there to a specific filing folder in a WorkSpace.  This means you have the ability to link a single folder within your mailbox to a single filing folder in a WorkSpace.  Since we are talking about emails, it should be said that when we link a folder, it should ALWAYS be linked to the Email folder for the respective matter.  Since the folder can only be linked to one folder in FileSite, the only emails in your Outlook folder should pertain to that matter.  This can be setup on new folders, or existing folders. 


To Link Existing Folders:

 First, find the folder you want to link to a WorkSpace.  It can have any number of emails in it regardless if they have attachments or not or it may be an empty or new folder.  Right click this folder and select the “Properties” option.  In this case, the example folder is called “Case 1 Emails”

  Once you have the Properties dialog open, we want to select the “File to Worksite” tab


For existing folders the “Do not file…” radio button will be selected.  We want to select the “File items in this folder…” radio button to enable us to edit the remaining options


The next step is to select the WorkSpace folder.  To do this, click the “…” button in the “File messages to” field.  You will then be presented with a familiar dialog asking you to select a filing folder.  This is just like Word or any other Office save dialog.  Proceed to find the correct folder.  In this example I am using the Firm IT Workspace. 

There are a few other options we have:

 Leave Messages in Outlook after Filing:

This option is on by default, and can be thought of as “File the emails in this folder to the WorkSpace then do nothing.”  This will file all existing emails as well as future emails moved there manually or by a rule.

 File Messages As Private:

Marks all emails as private so only YOU can view them.

 Do Not File Messages Already in the Folder:

This will enable all future emails moved to this folder to be filed, but not the existing ones in the folder.  If there were 100 emails in there today, and you add one tomorrow, only the email from tomorrow will be filed.

Once you link a folder the icon of that folder will change to have the Autonomy icon over it.  Assuming there are emails in that folder to be filed, they will be queued to be filed.  Once filed, they will show a green check indicating they are filed.  Deleting messages out of a folder that is linked to a FileSite WorkSpace will only delete that copy of the message from your mailbox store, and NOT from the WorkSpace.

To Setup and link a new folder in Outlook:


The first step is to determine where you want your new folder to be.  To do this, first select the parent folder, or the folder you would like your new folder to appear under.  Usually this is the Mailbox – [your user name], the Inbox, or another folder you have created previously.  Right-click your selected folder, and then click “New Folder” and you will see the following:


Once you name the folder, and click “OK” you will be prompted with the following dialog:


If you click on “Yes” you can follow the directions above to link your folder.  If you click “No” it will be a regular folder to add emails.

Things to Remember:


-          Folders can only be linked to one FilingFolder, meaning your email folder structure will have to be “matter-centric” in order to ensure the emails are all filed correctly.

-          You can link existing or new folders to a WorkSpace FilingFolder at any time.

-          You can remove the link at any time, and delete emails from your local folder, but keep in mind there will still be copies in the WorkSpace that they were filed in.

-          You can link a folder that has email in it already, and it will back-file all of those messages.

-          Emails will not file instantly, and will have an indicator on their icon: green for ok, yellow for error, red for failed.  If anything other than green shows up, consult IT.

-          If you accidently move an email to the wrong folder, and it gets filed, you will manually have to find that email in FileSite and re-file it.  Moving it within your mailbox folders will not work.


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    What if the File to WorkSite tab is not available in the properties?

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