Backing up and Restoring ProLaw document type templates

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 | ProLaw Case Management | Mike Smith

If you are using ProLaw, you will undoubtedly be taking advantage of the document generation that comes with it.  Creating various document types and templates is very time consuming, so it is important to backup your work!

To Backup:

Ensure the \\server\ProLaw share is backed up! It is that easy!  In the Prolaw share there is a folder called “forms” that contains the OLE files, these are the actual templates.

To Restore:

To restore, simply restore the \Prolaw\Forms directory from the backup.  The OLE’s are the forms and will be over written.

To Determine which OLE is the form:

There is no direct way to determine which OLE file template you are trying to restore.  If you need to only overwrite ONE template due to errors, you will need to test to determine which one that is.  You can check the modified dates, but if various were edited that will not work.  You could check sizes, but they might not be different enough to determine as well.

If the template still exists in ProLaw, you can modify it at a specific time, then check the forms directory for the OLE file that was modified at that same time, then restore that particular file.


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  1. Robin Ooi

    April 7th, 2015 at 8:46 am

    Hey Mike,

    Have you guys released a newer version of ProLaw?? or?

    I’m looking for a solution for one of my client.

    Robin Ooi

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