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FileSite 9 Update 4 and Outlook 2010 error: “Outlook cannot display this view”

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

When using FileSite 9 Update 4 with Outlook 2010 (up to date as of this post) it is possible to have view corruption on various FileSite folders.   When the error occurs, it will corrupt the ribbon (so you cannot even change the view) and remove various tabs.  You may or may not be able to click into another folder, but if you can you will be presented with the normal view.  Occasionally this may exhibit odd behavior such as displaying the FileSite “reading pane” as part of the ToDo bar, and not the Outlook window.

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Policy Service from Autonomy Beginner’s Guide

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Law firms must apply the same document retention policies to paper and electronic documents. That’s why many firms implement Policy Service from Autonomy. If you’re starting to use Policy Service, this post is for you.

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Autonomy IDOL Indexer does not index zipped file names by default

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

If you file a zipped archive, the name of the zip file as well as the zipped file’s contents are indexed.  However, if you search for the file name of a file that is in that zip, it will not return any results.  This is by default, and needs a slight adjustment on the IDOL index server.

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FileSite: Emails that have no header information from import

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

If you are migrating to, or have imported emails into FileSite, you may not have the header information imported from the email.  This can include the To, From, Sent Time, and Received Time.  Luckily, Autonomy has a utility to open the emails and import the header information, but it requires a decent amount of setup and testing prior to running.  You will need full access to SQL and the WorkSite server for this task.  You will also have to download and install the Resource Kit from Autonomy (available from their support site with login).

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FileSite folder views in Outlook displaying incorrect column headers

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Occasionally the views applied to various FileSite document folders become corrupt and display the incorrect information for that type of document.  An example would be email-style headers such as To, From, Sent, Received being the column headers for a folder that contains letters.  This will limit what you are able to see.

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Verifying the WorkSite IDOL index database for missing or corrupt documents

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

If you are receiving search results that appear to not have documents you are sure should be there, moved your indexer to another server, or the Worksite DiffTool is not resolving missing document issues, this may assist support in tracking down your problem.  To run a check on the database, new indexing and full-text searching will be paused, but explicit SQL searches such as doc number, author, client, etc will still work.

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FileSite: Emails on your Document Worklist

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

While using FileSite and the Email Management Toolbar, some users find it helpful to have the emails that they file show up in the document worklist.  This guide will explain how to enable the filed emails to be listed.  The pre-requisites are Outlook 2007/2010 with EMM (Email Management Module) and FileSite installed, a FileSite Server with the Communication Server running and properly configured.

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iRedline 7 Integrates with ProLaw Case Management

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Esquire Innovations has just announced iRedline 7 integrates with ProLaw Case Management software.  iRedline is document comparison software and an industry leading comparison tool that is cost effective for small to large size law firms.  iRedline is also compatible with Microsoft Office versions 2007 and higher, PDF files, Interwoven/ FileSite Document Management software, OpenText and Worldox.

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Linking folders in Outlook with FileSite using Email Management

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

 You have the ability to link folders within Outlook to FileSite filing folders if you have the Email Management Module purchased and installed.   This means that if you have a folder in your mailbox, and you move a message from your inbox to that folder, it can be setup to auto profile everything moved there to a specific filing folder in a WorkSpace.  This means you have the ability to link a single folder within your mailbox to a single filing folder in a WorkSpace.  Since we are talking about emails, it should be said that when we link a folder, it should ALWAYS be linked to the Email folder for the respective matter.  Since the folder can only be linked to one folder in FileSite, the only emails in your Outlook folder should pertain to that matter.  This can be setup on new folders, or existing folders. 

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Filesite bug with Acrobat 8 and higher

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

There is a known bug with Autonomy FileSite and Adobe Acrobat versions 8 or higher.  The bug is isolated to saving documents to a workspace via the Acrobat toolbar.  If this “Save to Worksite” button is used, it will cause a crash of Adobe.  To avoid this there are multiple options such as dragging the file to its respective workspace, or using the “Save to WorkSite” from the file menu.

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